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Best Nootropics Stack for Brain Power in 2017- Smart Drugs


Natural Compounds in Noogenix Work Quickly

Here’s the deal:

Today, as in 2017 Noogenix is an innovative development in Nootropics stacks that does not require the doctor’s prescription. Through the expanded research and clinical studies, two natural compounds have been identified -Dimethylaminoethanol and L-Pyroglutamic Acid. When these two natural compounds are consumed together, it results in significant effects on cognitive function and on the brain.

What is a Nootropic?

We have provided a short overview on what nootropics are and how they are used in everyday life. Nootropics are pharmaceutical compounds used to helps with anything connected with thought and brain cognition such as memory, focus and concentration, motivation and mood. Nootropics helps with protecting the central nervous system and brain from damage.

Best OTC Nootropics 

What’s the bottom line?

Understanding that nootropics are not an immediate fix for excellent cognitive function is important. A healthy diet containing needed fatty acids such as whole-grains, vegetables, protein and making sure that the right amount of sleep is acquired and staying hydrated will help achieve optimum results. “Stacking” Nootropics can also be done to improve results.


Here’s the deal: One of the natural compound found in Noogenix is Dimethylaminoethanol. It is an organic compound that can give benefit to both males and females, especially females for this substance is recognized to reduce signs of aging and is also known to help with skin firming. Dimethylaminoethanol boosts energy that will sustain the body for the whole day, it also helps with setting up a good mood. Intake of DMAE, according to a study supervised on school children showed that their intelligence, scholastic aptitude, attention span, and behavior have improved with great significance. And also, it reduced the level of irritability among the students.

Dimethylaminoethanol will benefit thinking skills, cognitive ability and even muscle movement and coordination. DMAE has the ability to sustain and improve your attention span and this makes this compound effective in developing the learning process and keeping the memory sharp.


Another natural compound found in Noogenix is L-Pyroglutamic Acid. This is an amino acid derived from glutamic acid and can be found in some food like beans, means and some others. L-Pyroglutamic Acid is believed to be a nutrient to boost the brain for a better mental health. With its ability to stimulate the brain, it helps brain cells work more efficiently and develops an individual’s cognitive capabilities and skills.

Keeping your brain cells healthy gives you a sharper memory and healthier mind, that’s exactly what L-Pyroglutamic Acid does -it improves the circulation of blood in brain’s small arteries, sustaining its healthiness. L-Pyroglutamic Acid also has the ability to boost the memory, causing it to become a possible cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, it is used as a treatment for patients who very often experience mental fatigue. The other benefits that you can get from L-Pyroglutamic Acidare: improved cerebral metabolism, better microcirculation, boosted memory function, active neurotransmitter function and heightened mental energy.

Noogenix have a number of benefits which includes the boost in memory recall, increased brain processing speed, improvement with concentration and focus and it calms down nerves and anxiety.The Nootropic Noogenix is manufactured under GMP guidelines with US FDA registered facility.

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