Diadora Shoes Furia MD Jr Soccer Cleat

Diadora Shoe

Diadora ShoeDiadora Shoes. They were my very first pair of soccer cleats back in Casablance,Morocco around 1982. I was just 6 years old. And I had found my passion: it was playing soccer. At that time, I had no other distractions,like girls or clubs. Just playing soccer, going to the beach, and when I had to..school.

In case you are wondering, I did not wear pink Diadora Shoes. They were black. Although I will on occasion wear a pink shirt, pink shoes are not for me. LOL. I choose the pink Diadora Shoe picture for this post because it was the first soccer shoe I bought for my three year old daughter Yasmeen. And they were pink.

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Yasmeen is truly her father’s daughter. She is my spitting image, looks and personality wise. Watch out! Just the other day, we received a call from the school as she was helping herself to her classmates uneaten lunch. This reminded me of the time, I ate the whole chicken from under neath while everyone else unknowingly was still on the couscous.

Ok..About the Diadora Shoes.  Toddler soccer shoes especially girls cleats are next to impossible to find in the local Mall. And let’s face it, shopping can be difficult with any toddler no matter how good natured they are. I found the Diadora Shoes-Furia MD Jr Soccer Cleat on Amazon.com. I can understand why they are Amazon’s best selling little Kid and Big Kid Soccer Shoe.

Diadora Shoes

  • Looks cool-Your kid will love them.
  • Soft,yet provides a lot of stability.
  • 14 studs reduces pressure points on the feet.
  • Laces held in place by fold-over hook-and-loop tongue.
  • Extra protection for little feet with shock absorbing insole.
  • Durable,Sturdy,Nice colors.

==>BUY Diadora Shoes Furia MD Soccer Cleat Now<==

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The Diadora Shoes Furia MD Jr Soccer Cleat is by most counts a high quality,stable shoe for your infant,little,big kid. OR even for you. Some users complained they were not with the quality. Someone always complains about something. My daughter has used them consistently for months and the shoes remain intact. But we are almost ready for the next size anyway.

The price point is very attractive at between just under $20 to just under $30 depending on size. You might qualify for free shipping. Keep in mind that the sizes tend to run a little small. Consider ordering a size larger.

My daughter Yasmeen loves the Diadora Shoes,especially because it is pink. But the same shoe comes in black, as well as blue should your little girl,boy,or you not want pink shoes!


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