Get The Garmin 1450lmt Review

Garmin 1450lmt Review

Garmin 1450lmt Review. I have seen the big wide world through my own eyes. Most of the time, I don’t need any gadgets or fancy cars to get me there. I grew up in Casablanca, Morocco with very few “toys”. Who needs them anyway?

Yet I must admit for a few years here in the US, I got drawn in. Bigger house. Fancier car. Smarter computer. Many of you know the drill. I was almost an “infidel”. LOL. Nowadays, my life is very simple,the way I like it. I learned the hard way-which is certainly the best way anyway. God, Family, Health is that all that matters anyway.

But there is one gadget Garmin 1450lmt that will remain with me for many years to come. I live in California and work in Las Vegas. I have no patience in this area to get to where I need to be..Drivers are horrible. Streets are new and not marked. Accidents and road construction is rampant.

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AND I am a guy. I will NOT ask for directions. Thats where the Garmin 1450lmt comes in..


Garmin 1450lmt Review

  • Find your destination without your wife or girlfriend’s help.
  • No sqinting to see map-nice 5 inch screen.
  • Crisp,easy to see images.
  • Pronunciation of the street names understandably.
  • Speed limit warnings helpful especially near school zones helpful.
  • Know traffic situation in real time.
  • Pre loaded and easy to use.

[trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”640″ height=”385″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video]

Sometimes it is hard to read while driving. So turn-by-turn directions that speak street names to my destination is very helpful.

Garmin 1450lmt Review. Like anything else,the Garmin 1450lmt is not perfect. The traffic alerts have not been 100 % accurate. The annoying pop up ads are annoying. Some users complain that the Spanish is NO good. Lol. Perhaps those users can learn better English? Many of us came to US not knowing English and made the time to learn it! Why cannot everyone else?

For the reasons above,I understand why the Garmin 1450lmt is Amazon’s numero uno best selling potable vehicle GPS. The lifetime map and traffic updates are fantastic. You don’t have to worry about spending $100.00 to update your Garmin. Well worth the money. Also check out as it will probably save you a few dollars and may ship for free. Hope that you find this Garmin 1450lmt Review helpful!

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