HTC Evo Review

Zak’s HTC Evo Review

htc evo reviewWithout question my absolute favorite gadget is the HTC Evo. This is my HTC Evo Review. I have had dozens of cell phones since I arrived in US. By far, the HTC Evo is my favorite.

Certainly back in 1999,not many people had cell phones, at least not many of the people I knew. My life was very simple consisted of work, soccer, and night clubs. I did not like talking on phone much anyway,except for family back in Morocco.

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Nowadays,I have to use several phones to get work. I am an on call server. I have to call THEM, they dont call ME. I have to call THEM constantly or NO work..SO my HTC Evo literally goes everywhere with me.

I also keep in regular contact with my family here in the US. I am one of those guys who would rather loose my wallet with a small wad in it than loose my cell, especially because it is a HTC EVO.


HTC Evo Review

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to see-nice sized screen-larger than most SmartPhones.
  • Dials very quickly as Sprints 4g unargueably offers best service.
  • Talk and text simultaneously.
  • No need to bring video camera-got a high quality one on me.
  • Listen to music-digtial audio player,as well as FM radio.
  • WiFi sign onto your home network or local Starbucks.
  • Sprint TV enabled.
  • Instant messaging
  • Nice Looking.

I watched the World Cup on my HTC Evo, as well as many other games afterwards. If you are into American Football,Sprint offers access to Sprint Football Live for free as long as you have data plan. This includes both College and pro Football games. Not my thing, but if you are an American I think its your thing perhaps.

Hey it also has a GPS which comes in handy when I am driving with some hard head who doesnt have a GPS, like my Garmin 1415LMT.

I have to bring up a few cons in this HTC Evo Review. The first is the size. For big guys like me,the phone is the perfect size. But if you are small it might be difficult to use.

Also the battery life is short,so you might turn off  the Wifi when you leave home. You can always purchase another battery. Thats what I choose to do. I almost bought a $50 battery for my HTC Evo in the Sprint Store. I am glad I hesitated,as I found the same battery HTC Evo 4G Extended Battery and Cover on Amazon for only $6 and change.

Hope you enjoyed my HTC Evo Review. Get the HTC Evo you will love it I am confident. It is far more powerful and capable than the iPhone or any other SmartPhone..(in my humble


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