My Amazon Tablet Is Pre-Ordered

Amazon Tablet

amazon tabletI just pre-ordered the Amazon Tablet,also known as Kindle Fire. I like the simple things in life. But I also enjoy gadgets-simple and functional gadgets,like the Amazon Tablet, the Kindle Fire.

What “analysts” say the Amazon Fire lacks, are actually positives for me. I don’t need another cell phone, GPS, or camera. AND I certainly don’t need another 3G or 4G contract.

I am not a guy who creates and analyzes spreadsheets. I don’t create music. Rather I enjoy music and videos. I looked at the iPad. But all I wanted the iPad for was to watch videos and read books. So I would not spend an extra $300 for that.

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Another plus for me is the Amazon Tablet‘s 7inch screen. I can just throw it in my pocket. and enjoy it while on lunch break at work.. Or while at the pool or gym or friend’s house.

I had also looked at the Nook Color. But I want music, movies and TV shows. Barnes and Noble just does not offer too much. At least as far as I have seen.

The Amazon Tablet does not have a camera or cell phone capability. That is ok with me. That is what I use my HTC Evo  for anyway.

It also lacks a microphone. What did I need that for? Tell me please!

I am now a member of Amazon Prime. I can stream from the 11,000 videos, collection of movies, and TV shows for free. With the purchase of Amazon Tablet,the Amazon Fire, you get one month free of Amazon Prime. It is just $79 a year. Also there is software that organizes music, which purchase or upload to Amazon cloud music service.


Of course, with Amazon it is a trusted brand. I am totally comfortable buying an Amazon Tablet online. The Apple stores are always a zoo. I don’t like waiting in lines for anything. Also, I am not into Angry Bird’s that iPads number #1 app.

Like I said before, I like sports, reading, videos, and movies. No Angry Birds, ( But if you are into Angry Birds,you can download on Amazon Fire.) NO Spreadsheets. Not a zillion apps. Just a few please. And I am now contemplating purchasing my daughter an Amazon Tablet,as she can access thousands of Children’s Book on Amazon while learning how to use a computer! Get 2 Amazon Tablets for the price of one iPad.


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