Yurbuds Review EarBuds That Stay Put

Yurbuds Review


Yurbuds Review. I just returned from Las Vegas CES 2012 Show where I discovered Yurbuds. Wish I had found these a LONG time ago. I would have saved a ton of cash. I have tried countless earbuds that broke or would not stay in.

Finally,I gave up on listening to tunes and endured endless boring hours on the elliptical. Until, I discovered Yurbuds. Yurbuds are earbuds that are specifically made for athletes.

Thankfully,I ignored the negative reviews on this product. Yurbuds are exactly what I have been looking for. Comfortable,stay securely in my ear,great sound quality,and waterproof.  If you are active and need headphones while you work out, bike or run, Yurbuds are the solution.


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What makes Yurbuds unique in earbud industry is that they actually stay in place. There is a twisting mechanism that keeps them in your ears. If the Yurbuds do not fit,just take picture of the inside of your ear and send to the company. They will create Yurbuds just for your ears at no extra charge.


Yurbuds Review

  • Comfortable medical grade silicone earbuds.
  • No adjustment necessary.
  • Stays in ears even during rigorous exercise.
  • Provides rich sound and deep base.
  • Ultra soft material.
  • You can still hear traffic and your partner.
  • Waterproof.
  • No worries about sweat ruining them.
  • Wear under your motorcycle or bike helmet.
  • Fantastic sound quality.


Click>>Click here for Yurbuds Ironman Limited Edition Cobalt Blue/Cobalt Special Edition Color In-ear Sports Headphones


Yurbuds Review.Some buyers reported material was cheap and the cost was too high. They are somewhat pricey. But not as as expensive as paying for a gym membership you dont use. Overall a good investment for your work out regimen. If it helps you exercise,then by all means buy Yurbuds. If you arent an athlete,you can still use these comfortable high quality earbuds.

I am off to the gym to hit the weights and a quick run with my Yurbuds in place. Enough said. Just Listen to this Yurbuds Review and Buy them. You won’t regret it.

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